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The importance of HR in recruitment

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    The importance of HR in recruitment


    There is an irony that exists within many recruitment businesses. Most of the people you are doing business with will be based in the HR department of your prospects and clients, yet very few recruitment agencies have a HR function themselves.

    For any employer, particularly one that is growing – which is increasingly commonplace in the recruitment sector – having access to someone who can advise you that what you are doing with your people is right, can be an invaluable asset to have.

    We have all had a member of the team who was particularly awkward or we have experienced an unusual situation, that if we are being honest, we weren’t totally confident in the way we responded. Left unchecked, these issues can escalate and become costly to the business.

    This is where an external HR provider could help. They can help you to have those difficult conversations with employees in order to achieve a mutually satisfactory agreement, whether that be to implement a performance plan or to end the working relationship altogether.

    But it isn’t just the unsatisfactory aspects of HR that an external provider can support you with. There are a number of key day-to-day functions where they can prove invaluable.

    Employment law is constantly changing and it can be difficult keeping up with the latest legislation. An external HR partner can provide you with peace of mind, ensure that you are compliant and inform you of any relevant changes that you need to be aware of.

    Your provider can also review your existing contracts of employment to make sure they are compliant and if not, they can supply new ones for you. They can also help with salary benchmarking exercises, develop and execute internal staff surveys to gauge employee satisfaction ratings, perform risk assessment reports and even advise and coach you on your growth plans.

    Essentially, an outsourced HR partner can provide you with access to an entire team of experts who each have a different background and specialisms to bring to the table – experience that you can draw upon as and when you need it which can’t be found on Google!

    Simplicity is one of the UK’s leading providers of flexible back office solutions for the recruitment industry, with a successful track record of supporting more recruitment businesses than anyone else. Our preferred HR partners; HR Champions are leaders in their space too and with them we are able to provide recruitment business owners with all the expertise and support they need – when they need it.

    Effective HR will help to drive growth of your recruitment business through a continual assessment of business structure and staff development. So when it comes to choosing your HR partner, opt for a company who really understands recruitment.

    If you would like more information on the HR services available to you, please contact us on 01594 888518.