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    Calculate your Gross Profit Margin


    Try our useful Margin Calculator Tool

    Enter your rates and hours to calculate your Gross Profit Margins.

    Paid PAYE

    Your full PAYE Payroll & Margin Breakdown.

    Gross Pay £0.00

    Employee Deductions

    Tax Code 1257L
    Tax £0.00
    NI Code A
    Niees £0.00
    Pension (EE's) £0.00

    Employer Contributions

    Niers £0.00
    Holiday Pay £0.00
    Est Niers On HP £0.00
    Pension (Ers) £0.00
    Employee Net Pay £0.00
    Payroll Cost (inc NIERS, Pension (Ers) & Holiday Pay) £0.00
    Hourly Payroll Cost (inc NIERS, Pension (Ers) & Holiday Pay) £0.00

    Margin Breakdown

    Total Charge £0.00
    Payroll Cost (inc NIERS, Pension (Ers) & Holiday Pay) £0.00
    Service Fee £0.00
    Margin £0.00
    Margin Percentage 0%
    Margin Per Hour £0.00


    Your Contractor Pay & Margin Breakdown

    Contractor Pay £0.00

    Margin Breakdown

    Total Charge £0.00
    Total Cost £0.00
    Service Fee £0.00
    Margin £0.00
    Margin Percentage 0%
    Margin Per Hour £0.00

    Access your Profit Margin INSTANTLY with Simplicity’s 100% Recruitment Finance!

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    Disclaimer: Simplicity uses its best effort to provide accurate calculations, however Simplicity does not guarantee or imply 100% accuracy of the calculations. Payroll rates may change from time to time and will render the calculations inaccurate. Even though we strive to provide you with the most accurate results, it's not advisable to rely only on results of this margin calculator for computation of employee earnings, employer's tax liabilities and margin comparisons. Therefore, we cannot accept any responsibility for loss occasioned to or by any person, business or entity, directly or indirectly, acting or refraining because of material contained or not contained in the margin calculator.

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