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What makes your recruitment business competitive

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    What makes your recruitment business competitive

    What makes your recruitment business competitive?

    Every year, thousands of recruitment businesses open their doors. Therefore, standing out from the crowd and winning the top talent against the competition is imperative. But what makes your recruitment business competitive?

    We will discuss crucial elements that can help your recruitment business compete, as well as how to discover and use them to your benefit.

    Have you got a Unique Selling Point (USP)?

    Do you offer a service or product that is unique and different to your competitors? If so, it means you have a USP. A unique selling point is something different about your company that makes you better and the most significant element that will give your recruitment business the edge over the competition. It will also be a specific and clear benefit to your customers, making you stand out. Whether you planned the USP or it occurred naturally, having a USP is a part of the marketing strategy and a benefit for both yourself and your customers.

    You can easily determine your USP by asking yourself the following questions about your business.

    • Why do customers choose us? / What are our strengths?
    • What are our weaknesses?
    • Why do customers choose our competitors over us?
    • What material generates the most interest among the target audience?
    • What development needs to happen in the future to be successful?

    Reviews are also a good indicator to use to determine your USP. For example, is there something your customers comment on frequently? This will be a USP your customers benefit from, setting you apart from the competition. To take it one step further, produce a SWOT analysis of your business to find out how to use your USP to your advantage.

    Show and tell, not just sell

    With the recruitment market in bloom, recruiters will find it harder than ever to attract top clients. So, when marketing your business to a client, it is in your best interest to show and tell what your business can offer rather than point-blank selling. The most successful companies avoid constantly trying to sell to customers and instead concentrate on demonstrating what their business can do for them. This gives your company a competitive advantage because you are not only explaining to them but also showing them how they can benefit from working with you.

    Do you have brand values?

    Having strong and clear brand values within your company can give your business many benefits which will help you win over the competition. For example, as there are clear company objectives and goals to adhere to, you will benefit from improving teamwork and productivity within your business. In addition, communication between staff and customers regarding the advantages of working with you and what you can do for their business can make you stand out from the crowd. Overall, assisting your company in outperforming the competitors.

    Seek support

    Support for your recruitment business could be the difference between winning and losing. Simplicity’s recruitment finance solution includes 100% finance, full back-office support and recruitment technology, which will give you the boost needed to win over the top talent and beat the competition. Set yourself apart from the competition and get in touch. Speak to a member of the Simplicity Sales team on 01594 888518 or email to learn more about our recruitment finance and back-office solutions.

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