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The time to start your own recruitment business is NOW

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    The time to start your own recruitment business is NOW

    Start a recruitment business NOW

    With the government’s plan to gradually ease the lockdown measures in place. We predict that it won’t be long before the recruitment sector bounces back from the unprecedented effects of COVID-19.

    Experts are predicting that the UK economy could see a fast recovery. The Governor of the Bank of England, Andrew Bailey recently said that “Growth could rapidly recover next year, with Britain bouncing back faster than from the 2008 global financial crisis”.

    Companies will soon start to increase their staff requirements and highly skilled redundant workers will be on the lookout for jobs, creating a high demand for recruitment agencies to fill vacancies. And with an expected decrease in competition within the industry, there will be more opportunities available for new players and those that bounce back from the fall. Meaning higher margins and some serious money to be made.

    So, whether you have been made redundant yourself and are thinking about your next career move. Or you have been planning to start a recruitment agency, but something has been holding you back – Now is the time to start a recruitment business and take advantage of the opportunities to come.

    How to get started…

    To help recruitment entrepreneurs, we have created a simple guide to starting and maintaining a successful recruitment business.

    Download a copy of our FREE Getting Started HERE to find out all there is to know about starting a recruitment agency.

    Become your own boss & start supplying workers within 24 hours…

    Starting your own recruitment business has never been easier with Simplicity QuickStart.

    QuickStart is a fast-track solution that enables you to start your agency instantly, without the hassle, time-restraints, and expense associated with setting up a business.

    All you need to do is; source candidates, win new clients, and fill vacancies.

    Simplicity will take care of the rest; providing you with access to your profits each week, invoicing your clients, and paying your workers, every Friday – without fail.

    Call us now on 01594 888518 to get started or download a copy of our QuickStart Brochure HERE to find out more.