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Secrets to recruiting a niche

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    Secrets to recruiting a niche


    Overloading yourself with work is a great way to lose business, particularly in a hyper-competitive market. As a result, recruitment agencies are having to become more specialised and niche.

    Here are some tips on how agencies can shape a niche in recruitment and make it their own.

    Make job descriptions niche

    As a recruiter, the position starts with you, and it is your job to make the description as niche and accurate as possible. Make sure to list all qualifications, skills and experience the candidate should have. The candidates you want aren’t just searching for any job that comes along. You want candidates that already have experience and interest in your sector, so feel free to use specific language. If a candidate doesn’t understand the terminology, the role may not be for them.

    Know your niche candidates

    As your job description will be more niche, candidates will often share attributes. Knowing information about your candidates, whether they are more creative or technical, will help you tailor your description and process. Once you have this, you will also need to tailor where to advertise. Again, this will be based on what candidates you want—allowing you to find your ideal candidate where they’re the most, both on and offline.

    Get social

    Social media is a great place to network and connect with niche job seekers, especially LinkedIn. With 77.9% of UK adults on social media, it’s a good possibility that your candidate has made their way onto it. Social media is also a great way to find out about candidates interests and career aspirations. A candidate is more likely to be following the same companies, pages and people in your niche. If a candidate is taking the time to grow their own brand and network, you know they will put the same effort into the role.

    Celebrate creativity

    The candidates you want to be applying for your role are those who think outside the box. This will show in their work, experiences and their CV. Candidates that can expand their job search in new ways will correspondingly expand the work in their company. These professionals are motivated and willing to take a chance to make the right changes within a business. Candidates are learning more creative ways to apply for jobs, from infographics to video CVs. Those who shoe their passion find ways to work their career niche into pioneering applications.

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