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Increasing productivity in recruiting

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    Increasing productivity in recruiting


    Recruitment is a fast-moving business, but did you know only 37% of a Recruiters time is spent recruiting? So, what are recruiters doing for the rest of their time? If recruiters are aware of their value, why do they spend such little time on recruiting? Well, the answer is admin, repetitive tasks, a poor workflow and lack of tools.


    You need to know your recruitment workflow for better results, break it down into the activities you do. There are many tasks that one person alone needs to do when recruiting. For example, you need to make calls, follow-ups, run candidate checks, and those ‘special’ requests from the Manager, client and/or candidate. If you are not managing your workflow, it can become overwhelming. Breaking it down can help prevent this.


    Communication is key in any workplace, but it is vital when working with multiple people and businesses. Make sure that you understand what the candidate wants as well as what your client wants. Communication within the business will help show what skills and gaps need to be filled. As much as 58% of job seekers see excellent communication as the top factor in creating a positive candidate experience. Ensuring everyone in the process knows what is being asked will reduce time and provide a great service.

    Tools & Tech

    Today, there are many different types of recruitment technology and tools to help you manage your workflow and admin tasks. Here are a few examples:

    Tools such as GEMS Technology can help with a variety of tasks within your recruitment business. For instance, GEMS can assist you with client and candidate management, job bookings, Timesheets and much more.

    As a recruiter, you probably spend a lot of time in your inbox, and making this as efficient as possible will help your workflow become more streamlined. Using tools like RightInbox & SalesHandy aids tracking for email opens, scheduling emails and setting reminders.


    With a projected growth rate of 14.27% from 2020 to 2027, the CRM software market is one of the fastest-growing industries. Cutting out unnecessary repetitive admin tasks will increase the pace of daily task completion. For example, paperwork can take up to 40% of a recruiters time. Using recruitment specific software, you can combine both front and back-office process into one system. Using the right software and features help to capture more revenue by proactively positioning the business.

     Will you try to incorporate these tips into your recruitment business?

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