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Most common mistakes made by startup recruiters.

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    Most common mistakes made by startup recruiters.


    As the UK labour market expands, it also means the recruitment sector is expanding at the same rapid rate. With that in mind, as a new start, it is essential to eliminate as many business mistakes as possible. Here we explore the most common mistakes startup recruiters make to ensure you don’t too.

    Unfortunately, not all business is good business…

    Rushing to hire is a common mistake many startup recruitment business face at the beginning of their business journey. Although it’s easy to get excited and carried away about winning a new client, believe it or not, not all businesses will be good for your agency. Not every client offers a safe, high-value business opportunity. With all this excitement, it is easy to overlook that the client is not creditworthy. With that in mind, if this client fails to pay their invoices on time, it is a mistake that will tremendously affect your business’s cash flow.

    Not having a business plan

    Although having a business plan is the first step in a recruiter’s startup journey and seems obvious, many business entrepreneurs leave this step out.

    A business plan helps you to focus solely on each essential element of your business. Ensuring you have the best possible start from the get-go. Additionally, it boosts confidence in potential partners, such as banks or other financial providers, which you may need to utilise for support and growth.

    Your business plan will guide setting up, managing, and growing your new venture. It is a way of looking at the essential components of your company.

    Don’t Sell yourself short.

    In the early days of running an agency, many recruiters will make the mistake of discounting or dramatically lowering their fees to compete and win business. Even though doing this means you have won the customer, it will then make clients expect reduced rates later in the future, making all your hard work obsolete.

    Underselling your services will also result in your business receiving and trying to place the lower-value jobs other recruiters cannot fill, wasting your time when you might be using it to focus on higher-paying and higher-quality work.

    Rejecting support

    As your business grows, you may find it challenging to manage all aspects of running a recruitment business. However, rejecting support from outsourced businesses to help you juggle some of the non-profitable tasks happens too often. Partnering with an outsourced company will save you both money and time. Additionally, outsourcing the extra tasks will give you a massive competitive advantage.

    Simplicity are here to help

    As a startup recruitment business, receiving all the support you can get is the best direction for growth. With over 19 years in the industry, Simplicity can support business growth today by providing 100% recruitment finance, full back-office support, and FREE pioneering technology to recruiters.

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