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Why you should start a recruitment business this Autumn

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    Why you should start a recruitment business this Autumn


    After a rather hot summer, Autumn is officially here, and so is one of the busiest times of year in recruitment. The January blues and the “September effect” are extremely similar. In addition, people have recently returned from their holidays, giving them an opportunity to reflect and question whether they are in the right employment for them. So, as a recruiter, it is now time to shine. Here are several reasons why you should start a new recruitment business this Autumn.

    New start of a season

    Summer is when we have spontaneous holiday breaks consisting of beaches and weekends away to relax and enjoy some time off work. But now we have transitioned from Summer to Autumn, with the official first day of Autumn landing on the 23rd of September here in the UK. A new season means new starts all around and getting back into our routines. Getting back to the grind enables you to thrive in your job even more so than before. So focus on your ambitions this upcoming season, start setting goals, and put your dreams into action!

    Great time for content/offers

    From September until January, many seasonal holidays come into play, such as the spooky season (Halloween), Black Friday and the big one – Christmas. With all these holidays, you can put your creative head on and promote amazing offers to entice clients and create crazy content to build and strengthen your social media presence. Moreover, both factors come into play to help develop your brand and win over talent. Create interesting themed posts and engage with people via social media. You will soon see how valuable social media can be for business development.

    Time to make the big bucks

    Back-to-school time is when self-reflection and evaluation start to kick in. And for many candidates, it means realising they want to look for a fresh start – a new job. Luckily for recruiters, many candidates will be looking for permanent placement. Placing a couple of permanent placements can majorly bump up your cash flow. If you don’t already run a perm desk, you should be thinking about expanding into this market. Download our guide on how to start and run a successful perm desk HERE

    September is the new January

    Everybody plans to start their new journey at the start of the year, especially with the new year’s resolutions. However, with so many startups in January, the competition will be tight to win. So think outside the box and get the upper hand. Don’t wait to start your recruitment entrepreneur dreams until January; start one now. Then, win the race by kickstarting before the upcoming holidays to get in with the talent before everyone else.

    Simplicity is here to help

    With the support from Simplicity’s solutions which provides recruiters with financial and back-office support and FREE recruitment technology, recruiters can not only get started but prosper and grow. Find out how we can support you to get started today by speaking to one of our specialists on 01594 888518 or email

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