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Why you should enter your business into industry awards

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    Why you should enter your business into industry awards

    Why you should enter your business into industry awards

    Now the world is opening back up; award ceremonies have too returned. Countless awards happen all year round, ranging from sector to sector – from the IT industry to the retail industry. All you have to do is research industry awards online and apply in relation to your line of work. Being part of an awards ceremony provides many benefits for a business, no matter how big or small. Here are some reasons why you should enter your business into industry awards now.

    Getting your name out there

    Creating awareness is the most significant advantage of entering your business into industry awards. This is the best advantage since many companies will come to know you, even if you don’t win. Moreover, many of these businesses will be those you wish to work with. Nevertheless, you will receive highly valuable publicity at every stage during the journey of the event, from the nomination announcement until the night of the ceremony. For example, you could gain publicity via social media, email, news articles, and even word of mouth.

    Being nominated means your business is recognised for all the hard work you and your staff do. In addition, it will raise team morale, enhance motivation and help retain staff.

    Most industry award ceremonies have sponsors you could potentially work with. In addition, many sponsors go into the ceremony to look for new prospects, and you may be one of the lucky businesses they choose to collaborate with. Therefore, stand out, and you may gain a new customer/partner. Look at the ceremony as a way of free marketing.

    Winning the competition

    When your business wins an award, not only have you won an award, you have won against the competition. So show off that your business is at the top of its game by winning. This will make you appear more competitive and set you apart from the competition. Winning will also provide your company with a USP (unique selling point). Show off your new USP while marketing your business, and you will find that you will stand out from the crowd.

    Increase in sales

    The greatest benefit of winning would be the increase in sales. Many businesses that regularly enter and win awards have reported a rise in sales. Therefore, registering your business for industry awards is a no brainer.

    How to register

    Typically there is a standard entry fee, depending upon which awards you enter; however, many awards offer Free registration. When you have found an awards competition you would like to enter, ensure you are reading the terms and conditions before signing up, as the terms and conditions may oppose your guidelines. Also, ensure you are entering your business into the relevant category.

    The Global Recruiter Awards

    Register your recruitment business for this year’s Global recruiter awards for FREE now. The deadline is 27th June 2022. Sponsored by Simplicity, the event celebrates great achievements and offers awards to recruitment agencies of all sizes. Many categories are available for your recruitment business, whether you are a start-up or established. So head to their website and register your recruitment business for FREE for a chance to win.

    Register To Enter – The Global Recruiter UK Industry Awards 2022