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Why recruitment agencies and Valentine’s Day have a lot in common – it’s all about the right relationship

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    Why recruitment agencies and Valentine’s Day have a lot in common – it’s all about the right relationship


    To go out, or not to go out. It’s a question that everyone agonises ahead of Valentine’s Day.

    If you’re in the right relationship, you’ll more than likely get it right. If you are running or setting up a recruitment agency your relationships with supporting businesses are just as crucial.

    This February 14th, you’ll want to show your love for your loved one (and secretly want them to show their love for you) but is it really worth it?

    Restaurants cash in and prices soar. Even if you can get a seat at your favourite restaurant, you know it’s going to be packed and the staff won’t be able to give you the attention they normally do. With the big day falling on a Saturday this year, places will be at an even a bigger premium.

    And those meals don’t always go as you expect. I remember one particularly fraught Valentine’s night sat next to a couple at an expensive Italian restaurant in Bristol. We overheard him say that it was really important they had found the time to go out. She was clearly expecting a proposal. He dumped her as we sat there with our mouths open.

    It’s not always like that of course. You’d be in good company if you proposed on Valentine’s Day. Harrison Ford popped the question to Ally McBeal star Calista Flockhard on February 14th 2009, they married the following year and are still living happily ever after.

    Or go one step further and marry on Valentine’s Day. Maybe not as far as Prince, whose nuptials with American dancer Mayte Garcia were screened live on the internet on Valentine’s Day 1996. The marriage was annulled on Valentine’s Day three years later.

    Pamela Anderson married rock star Tommy Lee on Valentine’s Day after a whirlwind three-day romance. They split up three years later. And Sharon Stone also married on Valentine’s Day but divorced American journalist Phil Bronstein five years later. Their divorce was apparently “amicable”; but there’s a theme developing here.

    The reality is that Valentine’s Day is just a single day in a relationship. It might go well, it might go badly but it won’t determine the success of otherwise of the relationship.

    And it’s just the same in the recruitment business. If your relationships with your support businesses aren’t solid, you’re going to struggle, whether you’re running a recruitment agency or thinking of setting up a recruitment agency.

    You want to focus on growing your recruitment business but other things get in the way.

    How much time will be taken up running your payroll services? Would it be better to outsource them? What about other back-office functions? And what happens if your business needs crucial financial support to get over a short-term difficulty?

    Lots of questions? Gloucestershire-based recruitment finance specialist Simplicity can answer them all in one.

    The company’s managing director David Thornhill says that building a meaningful and long-lasting relationship with their partners is a crucial part of the way it does business.

    He said: “Valentine’s Day is a chance to show our loved ones how much we care about them. And in a business relationship, it’s equally important that care and support is there 365 days of the year.

    “Our people are industry experts who work closely with our partners and have an in-depth understanding of how the delivery of our service directly impacts on their day-to-day business performance and cash flow. We believe that this allows us to truly understand their current and future needs helping to make them more successful.”

    Simplicity has four watchwords at the centre of everything it does in building its relationships – trust, innovation, responsiveness and expertise.

    It works in an open, honest, respectful and transparent way (trust), uses state of the art technology and pioneering financial systems to deliver solutions (innovation), understands the need to react quickly in a fast-moving industry (responsive) and invests time to appreciate a partner’s individual needs (expertise).

    If you are setting up a recruitment agency or want to grow your existing recruitment business contact Simplicity on 01594 546585 or email

    David Thornhill said: “This Valentine’s Day you’ll be with the one you rely, trust and depend on. In 2015, we’d love Simplicity to have the same relationship with you and your recruitment agency.”