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What does growing a recruitment business have in common with the Great British Bake Off?

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    What does growing a recruitment business have in common with the Great British Bake Off?

    Great British Bake Off

    Without one crucial element, their perfect creations might look more like an Eton Mess despite the care, hunger, and love each has for their creations. Like last season, the nation has been glued to its televisions each week. The Great British Bake Off (GBBO) is a metaphor for the entire recruitment sector and is more than just a fantastic television programme.

    Similar to a recruitment business, when the right ingredients are combined in the right amounts, what initially appears to be a hot mess becomes something special. You might develop your version of the “Baked Alaska Gate” from the Great British Bake Off if there is too much of one thing and not enough of another.

    Passion and drive

    There is no denying that every contestant on the show is driven and passionate about baking, but these qualities alone do not guarantee success. The essential component is motivation and perseverance to reach the desired outcome. Recruitment industry leaders must be clear about what “success” means for their company and the steps Consultants can take to achieve it.

    Practice, practice, practice

    Nobody ever bakes the ideal cake on their first, second, or even third attempt. The abilities that will put them on the path to being recognised as the best in their field take time to learn and master. Additionally, consultants must be responsible for their professional development, and recruitment industry leaders must encourage and reinvest in their workforce. By doing this, they will become experts in the role they must play and establish themselves as serious contenders for the title.

    It all comes down to preparation

    Just as meal preparation and cake baking require preparation, running a successful business requires spending the right amount of time on areas that may not be readily apparent but are essential. The ingredients of the recruitment recipe—selling, training, strategy, analysis, and research— which you cannot ignore. Your growth will be slow and significantly undercooked if you underestimate how much time it will take you to excel in these areas.

    Talent development is the key to success

    It’s great to have people with unlimited talent. But unfortunately, the results of their efforts are more likely to resemble a flat pancake than one of Paul Hollywood’s Full English Wellingtons unless they receive the necessary tools. Having the appropriate tools and a comfortable workspace is essential. It’s also crucial to make sure there is financial support available for the business to use when it needs to move forward.

    Nothing is more demoralising for a consultant than a deal that falls through because the agency lacks the resources to accept that significant new contract supplying tens of workers each week. You need to know whom to ask, and flexible funding at 100% that will help keep your business together is available.

    Off-menu with a blend of skill sets

    The variety of contestants on offer in The Great British Bake Off is among its best features. Age, ethnicity, background, or previous professional experiences have no bearing on a person’s ability to become a great baker or on our assessment of whether or not they will. The recruitment process is the same. In this field, having the proper attitude, application, and working style are more important than anything else.

    Then, add some 100% low-risk flexible recruitment finance to help tie your company together and support your expansion plans. This includes protection against any potential bad debts that might jeopardise the success of your recruitment business.

    Creating the best mix

    Investing in great people and having the ideal team composition are two essential elements for the growth of a recruitment business. You’re already on the road to success if you add a database of high-quality clients who recognise the value of hiring highly talented staff and providing good margins.

    When all of the factors mentioned above are combined and the heat is turned up, the result is a well-equipped recruitment business for success and expansion. To put the proverbial “icing on the cake,” you must develop your own work of art, the feature of your company that sets you apart from the competition. In recruitment, business acquisition, customer retention, strong branding and awareness, and nailing the candidate experience aren’t just extras – they’re the starter, main course, and dessert, and each must be nurtured and glazed.

    Yes, the proof is in the pudding, but by following the right ‘Recruitment Business Recipe,’ you now have all of the ingredients you need to grow your business.

    Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in November 2018 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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