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The Best Places To Put Your Technology Budget

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    The Best Places To Put Your Technology Budget


    Technology has the potential to be one of the most powerful growth accelerators for a recruitment company. There are hundreds of possibilities accessible in today’s increasingly digital environment. In a highly competitive labour market with so many businesses fighting for talent, technology that provides a game-changing applicant experience may be a wise investment. In addition, an investment in more fundamental business technology systems would be necessary to improve company performance and adopt technologies enabling scaling for expansion. These could deal with crucial front, middle, or back-office operational tasks. There are a few fundamental questions you need to get the answers to before continuing your research of alternatives to assist you in deciding on a direction.

    Making an exceptional candidate experience an investment

    The most significant difficulty CEOs and recruitment companies face are finding qualified candidates. Every month, millions of positions go unfulfilled. At the same time, a growing percentage of those who are working have decided to change jobs. With so many workers on the go, it makes much sense to invest in a candidate experience that enables job searchers to engage with potential employers quickly and easily. A talking bot and revolutionary technologies might completely transform how a recruitment agency operates on mobile devices.

    However, attracting and keeping applicants needs more than just a positive candidate experience. It is the initial phase of the employment process. If you are not prepared to meet what is swiftly evolving into non-negotiable standards for today’s workforce, then you risk attracting applicants who will leave your clients with equal haste if they are dissatisfied with their experience.

    It’s critical to realise that technology facilitates. However, it cannot replace established factors contributing to a positive applicant and employee experience. For instance:

    • Does your client provide perks and salaries that are reasonable?
    • Is your client’s culture hospitable and interesting?
    • Is the workforce your client manages inclusive, equitable, and diverse?
    • Does your client offer the training and opportunity for career advancement that workers want?

    The crucial question to address is if the technology you are evaluating can deliver on current expectations and allow for plug-and-play additions when expectations evolve. Hundreds of applications are available on the market to distinguish the applicant experience. If not, you might want to create a customised solution that satisfies your current and future demands.

    Creating the Conditions for Scaling for Growth and Operational Excellence

    Everyone in the recruitment sector knows that, regardless of how skilled you are at finding and hiring talent, your client’s ability to motivate and keep the talent you have invested in is a much more important factor in determining success. We are aware that a significant factor in productivity and profitability is employee engagement. Employee engagement is higher when the candidate shares your client’s vision and values. Happiness at work is more fundamental. It has to do with more fundamental elements like compensation and benefits, workplace conveniences, security, and the tools, equipment, and systems required for the task. In the recruitment sector, compensation comes first. If workers aren’t compensated, the situation can be lost.

    That is why the systems that support fundamental company processes and link the front and back offices are so essential. Candidates don’t care how time records are related to payroll; they worry that their paychecks are correct and delivered on schedule, no matter what. If they don’t, the rest of the business may stop as everyone concentrates on making the payroll in any way possible. All the other processes in the pay-bill process are equally crucial for your capacity to run your company economically and efficiently, let alone your chances of scaling it for future development, even if they are not as evident from the outside.

    Begin with your applicant tracking system

    The applicant tracking system (ATS) is, without a doubt, the backbone of the employment sector. Initially designed to keep applicant data sane, it has grown into a potentially powerful repository for your talent assets, and a way to form connections with qualified individuals. It can now do much more, delivering end-to-end system capabilities. It can assist you with the following:

    • Managing and expediting the customer and candidate lifecycles.
    • In the shortest amount of time, finding, engaging, and placing the best prospects.
    • Closing the gap between front and back-office payroll and accounting systems by providing centralised visibility, speed, and control.
    What’s Next?

    Knowing that the appropriate ATS can provide the groundwork for increasing your talent pipeline and operational skills, you can explore purchase or build possibilities. You’ll want to seek advice, look at supplier experience and outcomes, watch demos, and learn about the features and functionality of competing solutions. There are several solutions open to you. Every week, new solutions and apps appear on the market. So let the hunt begin.

    Simplicity – GEMS

    Here at Simplicity, we offer an innovative technology solution specifically designed for recruiters – GEMS. One main benefit of Recruitment finance and back-office solutions is access to technology that fulfils all your recruitment software needs – on one platform, for FREE.

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