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SME recruitment agencies can now compete with the big fish!

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    SME recruitment agencies can now compete with the big fish!


    Small and medium-sized recruitment agencies can now “swim with the big boys” – thanks to a ground-breaking deal brokered by the Institute of Recruiters-IOR.

    The fastest growing membership body for recruiters has struck the value-for-money agreement with two of the UK’s biggest job boards – and Jobsite.

    The project’s partners from across Britain have pooled their collective resources to create a plan that brings hugely discounted advertising rates for the IOR’s growing membership of recruiters and HR professionals. Simplicity has provided financial services and played a key part in the initiative.

    And the not-for-profit IOR is confident this initiative will “change the landscape” for the industry.

    Tam Tanna, IOR’s Programme Lead for job board benefits and one of the founding members of this pioneering venture, said: “This will dramatically help small to medium size recruitment businesses which normally do not have the same budgets as large blue chip agencies.

    “With a smaller recruitment business there is always a need to compete and provide extensive exposure for our client vacancies – something we’re not always able to do because of costs.

    “Access to job boards at affordable rates is vitally important for the success of smaller recruitment agencies,” added Tam, who has been in recruitment for almost a decade. “This initiative will enable more SMEs to advertise on the leading job boards and also attract the right talent.”

    After working with one of the world’s largest agencies, Manpower, Tam launched her own business – Recruitment Web – a boutique recruitment consultancy in North-West London.

    “This is what I like about the IOR – its professional integrity and determination to keep SMEs in business. It offers both recruitment agencies and independent recruiters so many different opportunities – from training and guidance, through to networking and events – to enable us to grow our businesses and help the UK recruitment industry to become one of the best in the world.”

    Midlands-based HHM media bureau chief Sue Arnold, another driving force behind the IOR jobs board initiative, said: “The synergy between the IOR and two of the leading jobs’ boards in the country – and Jobsite – provides us with the assurance that we will deliver quality candidates for IOR members.”

    IOR director-general Azmat Mohammed believes passionately that “IOR membership puts you in a stronger position to compete and this deal represents a huge saving for our members. Cost savings like this improve cash flow and increase your ability to succeed – this is a game changer.”

    He said the IOR – the only official government-endorsed recruitment institute for agency membership as well as individual – is working hard to positively empower members with the tools they need to win in a highly competitive market.

    “Thanks to the project partners and support of and Jobsite, this deal for IOR members will change the landscape. Innovation like this is of great value to our members,” added the boss of the professional body, which provides guidance, training, education and networking opportunities to those working in recruitment and HR.

    The institute boasts a plethora of impressive social media stats – its GeniusTeam blog has 10,500 subscribers, and a LinkedIn & Twitter community of over 30,000 – the largest of any UK recruitment body.

    David Thornhill, Managing Director of Simplicity, added: “We’re delighted to support the IOR with this exciting new project. Our work with recruitment business owners has demonstrated how much of a demand there is for financial assistance, whether it’s to help grow businesses or for funding support for advertising. We look forward to seeing recruiters benefit from this latest IOR initiative.”

    Become an IOR member and access these deals via or call 0871 288 2108 to find out more. Agency membership starts at just £249 per year with no joining fee.