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Recruitment Business Owners: How to steal back your work-life balance

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    Recruitment Business Owners: How to steal back your work-life balance


    When was the last time you got home before 7pm? Or had enough energy to go for an after-work meal with your spouse? When was the last parents’ evening you attended? If your answer to any these questions is “I can’t remember”, we’re guessing you haven’t holidayed in quite some time either. And you’re not alone; a study has revealed that a massive 6 out of 10 SME business owners didn’t manage to take a holiday in 2013 and of those who did manage to bag time off, three quarters worked every day.

    With the UK economy performing better than any other developing country, businesses are busier than ever before, which means that this unfortunate trend I set to continue into 2014. Ironically, it is business owners who deserve a break the most, with the majority already working significantly longer hours with an intense pressure on them to succeed.

    One of the biggest concerns for recruitment business owners looking to take time off is the worry that vital parts of the business may slip and falter such as the critical job of making sure temps and contractors are paid on time every week without fail, as the consequences of this going wrong can be fatal for a growing recruitment business.

    Outsourcing this part of your business to experts won’t require as much of your time as if you were managing it yourself, giving you more flexibility for that well-earned break!

    Over the last 10 years, Simplicity has helped a great number of agencies to grow and succeed; all of which have faced similar issues. Sales Director David Vizard says, “I’ve probably met with thousands of recruitment businesses in my career and have been told many times that the process of managing a weekly payroll can easily take up to two days a week. Time often wasted on payroll, credit control and answering payroll queries. To me, that’s astounding.”

    He adds, “Imagine stealing back 2 days a week which equates to 40% extra time in a standard five day week! That’s a whopping 104 days each year. What would you do with that time and what difference would that make to your business?”

    Along with an array of other benefits, that’s exactly what Simplicity allows you to do. They don’t just provide 100% recruitment finance and reduce your risk using debt protection – they also allow you to outsource your business burdens, freeing you up to spend more time on yourself and what’s important to you.

    What you do with that time is completely up to you. Imagine having the spare hours to attend more sales meetings – how much money could you add to your bottom line? Can you envisage regular long weekend breaks with your partner or children? Where would you go?

    If you haven’t considered outsourcing your back office, it is very likely that poor systems are doing damage to both you and your business, for no good reason. To find out more, request a call back – it could mean the difference between striking that work-life balance and watching it tumble away.