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Positive employment experience despite the disruption

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    Positive employment experience despite the disruption


    Positive employment experience despite the disruption

    According to a recent survey, Brits have had a positive experience joining and working for businesses.

    Employment experience has been rated positively despite the disruption in the business world over the last year. For instance, 21% of UK employees stated that they are better off in their new roles than at the start of the pandemic, whereas 59.7% of UK employees positively rate their current role. Along with this, 76.3% said that their experience while being hired for their current role was positive.

    Support and guidance during the induction process are just as important as the hiring process, with 77.8% rating this positively. Only 5% of employees rated that they had a poor onboarding experience. 66% of workers believe that training should be continuous to accommodate the change in their jobs roles. There are correlations between long-term job satisfaction and a positive hiring process.

    Digital training and learning resources are integral to retain talent. The UK ranks the highest in the survey, with 52.6% saying they have positive training experiences combining digital and physical channels. In addition, 21.6% of UK employees use e-learning and webinar opportunities.

    Tables have turned, and recruitment has recently become a candidate market. Businesses need to become more competitive in order to attract higher-quality candidates. Having an Employment Value Proposition (EVP) is now becoming a staple in business plans and strategies.

    As Richard Branson would say,  “Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough, so they don’t want to.”

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