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Perm recruitment on the up – How to increase your fees AND save time

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    Perm recruitment on the up – How to increase your fees AND save time


    According to the latest REC/ KPMG report on jobs, permanent placements have risen at their fastest rate in five months. Consultancies placed greater numbers of people into permanent and temporary roles during July, with rates of expansion accelerating to 5 and 7 month highs. Couple this with the fact that there has been a sharp decline in permanent staff availability and it’s clear to see that the recruitment industry faces an issue.

    Whilst the number of jobs on your books may be higher than you can remember, the chances are, the number of suitable candidates are far less. According to REC CEO Kevin Green, “The UK’s post-recession problem is skill and talent shortages. The economy is going to be constrained by this ongoing talent crisis if employers keep doing business as usual.”

    So how will this impact on your agency? Of course, the obvious risk-limitation step is to increase your fees to cover costs but to do so and remain competitive, you’ll need to provide a little more than the norm.

    Recruiting isn’t easy and with a lack of skills in the UK across a number of sectors, and a narrow pipeline of fresh talent coming through from schools, colleges and universities, you’ll want to be spending your time finding candidates with the right mix of skills and experience to fill the role.

    To ensure you have the dedicated time to devote to your Clients’ needs, speak to Simplicity today.