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My journey so far as a Marketing Apprentice

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    My journey so far as a Marketing Apprentice

    Marketing Apprentice
    By Angel Freeman

    Before working at Simplicity, I worked in a customer-based position in the food industry. Even though this started as a part-time job to earn some pennies while studying a business course at College, I eventually stopped my college course (due to COVID) and took up a full-time position with my employer. Finally, the full-time wage started to come in, and it felt great to be out in the world earning my own money. I could even leave my family home and move in with my partner, which I had always wanted to do. Everything was falling into place.

    But it didn’t last long; after a year of working there throughout the pandemic, I started to feel like I wasn’t making the most of my skills and needed more of a challenge. So I looked into going back to College, but the thought of sacrificing a wage made me anxious. Therefore, the College recommended that I pursue an Apprenticeship, learning and earning simultaneously.

    So I applied for the marketing apprenticeship Simplicity was offering. Going through the normal recruitment process, having my interview and then waiting for a response on whether I got the apprenticeship was a nervous time, but luckily this was a quick process, and I was offered the apprenticeship within a week of having my interview, which I jumped at the chance to accept.

    Working at Simplicity

    The time had come to start my new career, and I was so nervous about meeting new people; I had never worked in an office environment before and with so many people. However, after a few weeks here, I settled in just fine and got stuck in straight away with the work and my studies, which I focus on one day a week.

    The thing I love the most about my apprenticeship is not one day is ever the same. One day you could be writing a blog; the next, you could be working with the team to improve the website or even designing a brochure. The apprenticeship allows me to learn new skills every day while developing my existing ones. In addition, undertaking activities has really helped build my confidence in the office. I enjoy being creative, independent and motivated within my marketing apprenticeship whilst working as part of such a great team.

    I am now four months into my apprenticeship, and I feel very fortunate to be on a career path I enjoy and thrive in. This apprenticeship has allowed me to find a career, not only for now but for life. I thoroughly enjoy my marketing apprenticeship, and I am looking forward to my future as a qualified marketer.

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