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Meet our Customer Relationship Team

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    Meet our Customer Relationship Team


    Meet the Customer Relationship Team

    The Customer Relationship Team, formerly known as Account Management, comprises dedicated individuals committed to strengthening bonds with our valued customers. They provide exceptional service and support, ensuring our customers’ success remains their top priority.

    Meet the team: Sam, Tracy, Emily, Tyler, Helen, Dani, Mike, and Bridie. We asked the team what they enjoyed about their role and helping our customers. Also, here is a little fun fact about themselves:

    Sam Merry-Dowle – Customer Manager

    “The rewarding factor is assisting with our Customers’ growth, watching their success over the years, and developing close relationships.”

    Fun fact: I have played in women’s football teams since the age of 8.

    Tracy Keeble – Customer Relationship Manager

    “I love seeing my agencies grow and become great businesses. There is something special about being an integral part of an agency’s journey.”

    Fun fact: Outside of work, I can be found on the stage channelling my inner Drama queen!

    Emily Lawrence – Customer Relationship Executive

    “Problem-solving, different queries that we have and finding solutions that best suit our customers. Keeps me on my toes 🤣 “

    Fun fact: I can say the alphabet backwards quicker than I can forwards

    Tyler O’Brien – Customer Relationship Executive

    “What I enjoy the most about my role in Simplicity is having the opportunity to expand my knowledge of the different recruitment sectors whilst working alongside businesses that are continuing to grow and thrive. As well as challenging myself daily.”

    Fun fact: I’m bilingual

    Helen Baker – Customer Relationship Executive

    “I really love working with our amazing team. We have such a laugh and really support each other, both in and out of work.”

    Fun fact: I come from an army family and learned to canoe, shoot, and fence while we were living at the Royal Military Academy in Sandhurst.  We were there with my Dad, where his job was to train the potential army officers – I always thought it was hilarious that he could shout at them but still had to call them ‘Sir’ because they effectively out-ranked him 😂

    Dani Vaughan – Customer Relationship Executive

    “What I enjoy most about my role is working in the Customer Relationship team. We have a great team that is really supportive of each other and always on hand to help each other out.”

    Fun fact: I am the captain of a netball team and have played in a local league for almost 5 years!

    Mike Wilson – Customer Relationship Executive

    “My previous role was Client-focused, and I found I got on better and built better relationships with the agencies; this role allows me to focus on the agencies rather than the clients! “

    Fun fact: I applied for X Factor 2009 but wasn’t good or bad enough to get on the tele!

    Bridie Foxwell – Customer Admin Support

    I like the reward of watching the agencies grow. And I love my team and how supportive we are of each other.

    Fun fact: Me and my dad used to run a farm, and I hatched out chickens and ducks and bottle-fed lambs

    Back row left to right: Tyler O’Brien, Dani Vaughan, Bridie Foxwell, Mike Wilson. Front row left to right: Emily Lawrence, Tracy Keeble, Sam Merry-Dowle and Helen Baker.

    Thank you for your continued support and partnership. We look forward to continuing to support our customers as the Customer Relationship team!