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How to stay motivated in the early days

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    How to stay motivated in the early days


    How to stay motivated in the early days. Thomas Edison famously stated, “Our greatest weaknesses lie in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is to try just once more.” This individual asserted that he never ‘failed’; instead, he discovered “10,000 ways that didn’t work.” His pursuit was, of course, the invention of the light bulb.

    Commencing a new business is a thrilling period. Yet, as the initial novelty subsides and you become engrossed in the day-to-day responsibilities of running any business, that initial surge of enthusiasm can sometimes dwindle.

    So, how do you stay motivated and persevere beyond the initial excitement? Here, we examine three aspects you should contemplate:

    Remind Yourself of Your Initial Purpose

    You excelled as a consultant and embarked on your journey to establish your own agency with the conviction that you could make your business flourish. And indeed, you can – as long as you consistently remind yourself of the vision you set.

    Over the past 19 years, we’ve collaborated with numerous accomplished recruitment business owners. Their determination to triumph prevented them from throwing in the towel when challenges seemed overwhelming.

    Yet determination alone isn’t always sufficient. Often, we observe that recruitment business owners seek support from their surroundings – individuals who inspire them, share their business-running experiences or offer a morale boost when setbacks occur.

    Embrace SMART Goals

    You’re likely familiar with the SMART acronym, but how realistic are the objectives you’ve outlined for your recruitment business?

    While aspirations of achieving remarkable success or surpassing the accomplishments of your previous agency are valid, it’s vital to acknowledge that significant achievements don’t transpire overnight. Setting overly ambitious targets can be demotivating if they appear unattainable.

    Success is a gradual journey, so it’s crucial to be realistic about your objectives and timelines. Focus on weekly, monthly, and quarterly targets that allow you to break down ambitious goals into manageable, incremental steps.

    However, don’t solely concentrate on monetary aims; the triumph of your business hinges on both tangible achievements and intangible qualities that constitute your ‘brand’. These could encompass networking events attended, established new contacts, elevated social media interactions, or the coverage garnered from press releases.

    Sir Dave Brailsford refers to these aspects as ‘marginal gains’ – a series of small victories that significantly contribute to overall success.

    Disconnect and Recharge

    Launching and operating your own recruitment business undoubtedly requires hard work, but assuming that you must dedicate all available hours to attain success is a misconception.

    The UK has cultivated a culture of long working hours, and recruiters are no exception. Nevertheless, research conducted by the Institute of Directors unveiled that this approach is counterproductive for businesses.

    The study revealed that nearly half of the surveyed business leaders (48%) felt more creatively inspired – generating novel business ideas – when away from the office environment, either at home or while moving. Furthermore, 41% reported reduced stress levels.

    Stepping away from your business enhances your effectiveness within it. As the study’s authors noted, “Companies need creative space to unwind…to de-stress, think, and be creative [and effective].”

    Your commitment to your business spans every moment, 24/7, and you’ve invested profoundly in yourself. You initiated the venture, and you will shape its eventual triumph.

    However, investing and overexerting are disparate concepts.

    Occasionally, it’s essential to detach from your business, rejuvenate, and assess it from a distance, unburdened by the daily office routine. Only through these moments of respite can you sustain peak energy and be motivated, stay aligned with your aspirations, and uncover novel approaches to challenge yourself. To quote Richard Branson, “My biggest motivation? Just to keep challenging myself.”

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