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How to make your start-up agency compete on a level playing field with more established agencies

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    How to make your start-up agency compete on a level playing field with more established agencies


    Things quite literally have never been this good for recruiters. With employment at its highest levels since any one of us can recall, it is hardly surprising to learn that the number of consultants taking the leap to escape the confines of their existing agency to start up on their own.

    This is great for the health and prosperity of the recruitment industry. The challenge, however, is that competition between recruitment firms is hotting up.

    So if you are the proverbial new kid on the block, how can you get your agency seen and heard above the ever-increasing news? It’s actually easier that you may think…

    Use social media

    LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook have all celebrated 10 years in business – they’re no fad and if used in the right way they can each do wonders to raise your profile online. The secret to social media success is to post often.

    Share content that will be of interest to your clients and candidates, such as news stories from within their sectors, careers advice, your most recent blog post or the latest white paper that you think they might be interested in. Avoid treating social media as a free platform to advertise your jobs – if that’s all you use it for you will lose more followers than you gain!

    Think mobile

    In 2015, with 50% of web traffic now coming from mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, Google made a controversial change to its algorithms to benefit those companies whose websites are optimised for mobile and tablet devices.

    The changes mean that sites with a mobile optimised version will be boosted in the search engine listings. Consequently, sites that are not optimised will drop in the listings. It is therefore imperative to build a site that is optimised for mobile devices in order to reach as many people as possible.

    Create engaging content

    Imagine walking into your local shopping centre and you see a fantastic window display promoting something that you really want and need. But as you walk through the door you are met with nothing – just an empty store. Do you stay or do you leave?

    It’s the same with your website. Clients and candidates will see your shop window (your Home page) and leave as quickly as they entered if there is no content that engages them and fulfils their needs. Whether you are writing a blog, newsletter or article, the material you upload needs to be interesting and original and gives visitors enough of a reason to stay on your site and even prompt an enquiry.

    Fill the gap in your market

    Why does your agency exist in the first place? Clients and candidates need to know who you are and what you are trying to achieve, so be clear on what makes you different and make that difference clear.

    All too often we see recruiters describe themselves as ‘different’, ‘innovative’ and even ‘game-changing’ but they fail to show how these adjectives are manifested in practice. Back up such claims with evidence of how you have demonstrated these things in practice.

    Look impressive

    The first impression a recruitment firm will make is the visual image. Therefore it is vitally important to create a logo and design that is impressive and well suited to the sector you are working in.

    Avoid creating a logo that is visually stunning but completely inappropriate for your target audience. There needs to be a compromise between a good visual and the intended market. Remember, you want a ‘look’ that is memorable and recognisable, so choose one that gives the look of an established business, sparks a sense of trust and speaks of confidence.

    The Right Expertise

    Whether you need a logo created, help with your social media or a whole new website built, we have a package to meet your needs and your budget, giving you more time to focus on business development and fee generating activities.

    Simplicity have launched the only specialist marketing package for recruitment businesses, providing you with the support you need from day one.  We’ll work with you to create the perfect marketing package to help make your recruitment dream a visible reality.  Helping you stand out from the crowd.

    Let us take that pressure off you. We’ll take your information and requirments, and our marketing partners Prestbury Marketing will manage everything through to completion, giving you updates along the way.

    Call us today on 01594 888518 or email to see how we can help your recruitment business grow.