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How smaller agencies can compete in the market place

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    How smaller agencies can compete in the market place


    In 2012, there were 12,500 recruitment business operating in the UK. Fast-forward to today, and that number has increased to almost 40,000. It is an exciting time for an industry that is seeing more start-ups emerging than many other sectors of the economy. But with such a strong representation of large, national and many multinational players dominating the recruitment scene, how can smaller agencies compete?

    Focus on you, not your competition

    When starting out, new business owners will often obsess with what the competition is doing. Trouble is, they often end up trying to mirror them rather than focusing on themselves. The reason you started your own agency business in the first place is because you were confident both in your own abilities and the need for the type of service you provide. Hone in on your value proposition and let the competition worry about everyone else.

    Get your finances in place

    Ambition and growth go hand in hand and as a successful biller in your previous role, it is only a matter of time before your billings increase along with the number of clients you represent and consultants that you employ. To ensure this growth continues at the pace you want, you need to keep your eye on the till. Will there always be enough cash flow to guarantee that your workers will be paid on time, every time? There is a plethora of finance options available. Make make sure you choose the recruitment finance solution that fits your needs and is flexible enough to allow room for growth.

    Get your name ‘out there’

    You’re on your own now.  So, you need to become more visible and work hard to grab the attention of prospective clients and candidates. Get active on social media. Share relevant and topical stories that affect the sectors you operate in. If you can, write about them on your blog or news pages. Talk about how they relate to the hiring challenges that employers face. Offer insights and potential solutions. Aspire to be a thought leader and go-to recruiter.

    Show your greatness, don’t tell people about it

    If you are as good as you say you are, show it by adding case studies to your website and sharing testimonials from other clients that you have helped in the past. This will go some way to helping you to consolidate the sale because you’re allowing previous successes to do a large part of the selling for you.

    Focus on your core strengths

    It is estimated that recruiters spend as much as one-fifth of their working week performing admin duties such as processing time sheets and raising invoices. While such tasks are essential, they distract recruiters  from billable activities which can and will slow down growth.  Our 100% recruitment finance solution comes with back office services as standard. From credit control to debt protection and paying your workers on time – we have the experience and systems in place to free you from administrative burdens. After all, time is precious.

    Get to grips with technology

    To move the business in the right direction means having the right technology to support you. The recruitment sector is well-served by technology providers, but they can be both costly and complicated. That’s why we introduced GEMS. GEMS combines your front and back office processes into one simple system and can be branded as your own. It’s all part of our complete recruitment solution.

    Ready for growth

    If you are looking for a flexible recruitment solution that allows you to focus on what you do best, contact the Simplicity team today.