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How recruitment business leaders can use technology to be more productive (and grow their agency)

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    How recruitment business leaders can use technology to be more productive (and grow their agency)


    The UK recruitment industry is experiencing a period of major growth, with a record-high 5,824 new agencies being launched in 2017. According to the Office of National Statistics, vacancy rates are at a record high – a state of play that is presenting innumerable opportunities for recruitment business owners. Indeed, research from the REC revealed that 67% of UK agencies expect an increase in revenue in 2018. But before getting carried away, caution needs to prevail. While growth is good for business, for it to be sustainable and profitable it needs to be supported. This is the analysis presented by the recent Staffing Business Intelligence Report survey. It showed that agencies consider ‘processes’ as the biggest barrier to their growth. So, how can recruiters use technology to improve these internal processes and unlock growth?

    It’s a matter of understanding those areas of the business where technology can play a key role. During a typical working day recruiters’ will go about their work and do what needs to be done. They will often wish that many of their administrative tasks could be done faster and smarter, but their existing systems simply won’t allow them to be.

    Taking a moment to look at the various tasks a recruiter will undertake (such as raising invoices, organising payroll, chasing debtors while ensuring compliancy at the same time) each day, can often be a rude awakening for agency owners. A task you think may only take a matter of minutes could take much longer. The question then becomes one of whether or not the business itself can really achieve its growth ambitions if valuable billing time is being lost due to unnecessarily lengthy processes. Yet the solution is not only a simple one, it comes as FREE too for all Simplicity partners in the form of GEMS – the end-to-end Recruitment CRM and Workflow Solution that will make you more efficient, reduce your costs and save you time.

    For smaller recruitment businesses, investing in the technology required just to start a business alone requires a significant chunk of their investment budget. As GEMS is FREE to all partners, it eliminates the need for such an expense and instead enables agency owners to preserve cashflow as well as unlocking more time to spend with clients and candidates – it’s that simple.

    If you’d like to find out more about how Simplicity can help your recruitment business to grow, get in touch today.