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How Recruitment Agencies Can Keep Clients Warm When They’re Not Actively Hiring

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    How Recruitment Agencies Can Keep Clients Warm When They’re Not Actively Hiring


    Even when business is slow, it is essential for you as a recruitment agency to have solid working relationships with each of your clients. Doing so becomes even more crucial during unusual times, like the pandemic or current economic situation, since it may result in repeat business, valuable references, and favourable internet reviews when conditions improve.

    However, the challenge is maintaining customer engagement even when incoming business is slow without being intrusive or overbearing. After all, the last thing you want to do is alienate them by coming across as condescending or pushy.

    It is smart for recruitment executives to use this time to strengthen client connections and maintain their engagement. However, even if your clients aren’t actively hiring now, that doesn’t always indicate they don’t have significant hiring intentions soon. And you don’t want them to take their needs to a rival.

    A few recommendations in this respect are listed below.

    Express interest in the people who run the company.

    While dealing with them professionally, it might be simple to overlook that your clients are unique people with their own preferences and aversions. But unfortunately, this also holds for their decisions about your hiring-related services.

    Maintaining notes on your client’s personal information can help you interact with them meaningfully rather than just exchanging polite words. This will enable you to engage them in discussion and establish trust while addressing issues that are significant to them.

    Utilise social media

    Social media may be used to maintain contact with customers throughout time. Connect with them on social media and the blog on their website. Comment on their blog entries and social media updates to connect with them.

    By doing this, you’ll be able to keep up with the company’s newest advances and demonstrate your support, which will likely be returned in the future.

    Refer to and endorse

    Recommendations are a useful tool for recruitment agencies to retain clients. To assist your clients in finding the superior talent they may consider, as soon as recruiting activity picks back up, you might continue recommending appropriate people in your network.

    You can occasionally contact your clientele by requesting recommendations, even for services unrelated to your company. This is done to demonstrate your appreciation for their cooperation and contributions.

    Publish newsletters

    Send your clients monthly or fortnightly newsletters to notify them of new programmes, recruitment industry news, and other important details.

    This can help you stay at the top of your client’s minds and inform them about your existing and forthcoming offerings.

    Instead of constantly talking about your company, try to keep the newsletter’s content focused on how the services and solutions provided by your company might benefit clients.

    On Special Occasions, Connect

    This is a fantastic approach to remaining in touch with your current customers without having to advertise your support services for recruitment. Instead, wish them a happy birthday or anniversary and warm holiday greetings.

    This may be accomplished through customised emails, social media posts, your newsletter, or a quality greeting card.

    Building long-lasting relationships and trust with your clients by remembering them on special occasions is an excellent strategy. Then, when they start recruiting again or if they ever require recruitment-related services, they’ll probably consider your business.

    Present Special Offers

    Your recruitment agency can offer clients special plans for upcoming initiatives. Or, at the absolute least, inform them of any client-only promotion you are launching.

    This can be a unique plan created particularly for them or early access to a bargain that will later be made available to other clients.

    They will probably start sending you inquiries sooner rather than later once they realise that by dealing with you, they stand to get advantages (that they cannot obtain elsewhere).

    Face-to-Face Meeting

    One-on-one meetings are great for B2B companies to earn repeat business and references. When you personally greet your client, you put a face to your company and introduce the person who is responsible for all the magic.

    Meeting with you is a good method to build a business relationship since your clients do the same thing. They’ll begin to view you as more than just a source of recruitment support.

    When you meet with clients in person, you don’t need to provide an expensive lunch or serve them dinner. Instead, paying them a visit or taking them out for a drink might be enough.

    Create individualised emails

    You probably don’t remember the last time you sent a customer an email unrelated to business. However, putting a personal touch on your emails may significantly alter how you interact with recipients.

    Send your clients a personalised email once or twice yearly to say hello. Ask them about their recent activities, the status of their company, and whether there is anything you can do to assist them.

    Provide a link to an informative article or upcoming recruitment agency events that interest or value them. Doing so may establish a connection with your customer without being pushy or self-promotional. At the same time, the client will appreciate your efforts and perhaps consider doing business with you again.

    Ask For Feedback

    Asking customers who have used your services for feedback is an efficient strategy to keep them warm.

    This will not only help you stay in touch with them, but it will also give you a chance to evaluate how well you are doing as a source of recruitment support.

    Also, your customer will value you for enquiring about their interactions.

    Provide lots of assurance

    Being a consistent source of confidence for your recruiting agency during uncertain times, like the pandemic, may work incredibly effectively.

    Most businesses have slowed down on employment, leaving job seekers worried about the future. This is an excellent chance to continuously remind your clientele of your organisation’s gradual return to activity.

    You may do this by developing strong communication with your clients that reassures them of your actions to guarantee that recruiting activities restart in a way that prioritises their health and safety.

    By letting them know about the procedures you’ve set to safeguard your employees and consumers, you can make it very obvious to them that doing business with you is incredibly secure.

    Moreover, doing so will represent your recruitment company as a trustworthy recruitment leader. Customers who are confident in your proactive actions and thoroughness will come to you for business.

    As a result

    Recruitment agencies may find it challenging to maintain client relationships while not actively hiring. But, your organisation may get over it by taking the right measures.

    A key component of the approach is communication. Make it a point to identify more efficient ways to interact with your clientele in addition to doing so constantly. Because of the escalating competition, taking the appropriate steps to maintain your relevance in the market is critical.

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