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Gloucestershire recruitment firm launches low-cost solution for resourcing freelance projects

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    Gloucestershire recruitment firm launches low-cost solution for resourcing freelance projects


    Creative Mettle Recruitment has launched an innovative low-cost platform to help marketing teams and creative agencies access high-quality freelance talent with the added benefit of highly relevant industry experience.

    They designed Freelance Finder to help customers continue with their digital, marketing and design projects regardless of budget cuts or lack of internal resources. The system creates access to marketers, creatives, designers, developers and agency client services professionals, to work on projects in any industry sector at short notice. Customers can filter search results by; years of experience, campaign audiences, agency type and even by client size.

    Managing Director, David Townsend, commented, “We’re pleased with the way the system works. It’s particularly useful for SME businesses who may need a skilled marketing professional, graphic designer or social media specialist for a short-term project. For example, in just a few minutes they could shortlist a content writer specialising in automotive with three years’ experience who’s majored on a B2C audience. Alternatively, they could find a web developer with three years C++, PHP, Ajax and React who’s been working with small media companies”.

    Creative Mettle has been able to bring this service to market at low rates to their customers; in part, because freelancers are encouraged to flag if they’re open to negotiation in specific circumstances such as a local or exciting projects. Furthermore, we can provide a fast service and better rates due to a collaboration with local finance company Simplicity. Mr Townsend said, “Having been customers of Simplicity for many years I approached them at the beginning of lockdown with details of our plans. During that time, they provided us with a flexible finance solution which ensures our freelancers get paid without fail a week in lieu. What’s more, the service comes with free recruitment technology that enables our clients and freelancers to approve timesheets online. Which, in return, pays a part in helping us provide not only a fast and reliable service but also reduces our time spent on admin. It wouldn’t have been possible without the support shown by Simplicity and the team. We remain positive for the future, knowing that we have a provider that understands our business, and we can rely on when we need them the most.”

    For more information about Creative Mettle and Freelance Finder, please visit;

    If you would like to find out more about Simplicity’s Recruitment Finance solutions, please call us on 01594 888518 or download our brochure HERE.