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Getting Around the Busy Holiday Season

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    Getting Around the Busy Holiday Season


    Getting Around the Busy Holiday Season. While many industries experience a significant slowdown in the weeks leading up to Christmas as they prepare to close for the festive break, for the Simplicity team, this period is one of our busiest times of the year.

    Throughout December, we ensure our clients have everything in place to maintain cash flow during Christmas and the New Year. Additionally, we handle all back-office administrative tasks that might have gone untouched until January. Our main goal is to ensure clients can start working again in January without worrying about additional cash flow issues or administrative backlogs.

    What can your business do in the run-up to the Holiday Season to ensure you hit the ground running in 2024?

    Organisation is Key

    In December, many businesses have shorter working months, making organisation crucial. Ensure your invoices are sent as soon as possible and that they’re accurate!

    Sending invoices promptly increases the likelihood of them being processed by your clients before their Christmas closure. Additionally, a kind reminder for invoices due during the holiday break can persuade your clients to pay early.

    Plan Accordingly

    Despite your best efforts, plan for a slight impact on your cash flow over Christmas. Be realistic about what you expect to receive from clients. Ensure you have a plan in place for January to follow up with your clients promptly.

    Get the Right Support in Place

    Whether utilising your existing team by delegating responsibilities throughout December or partnering with a third-party supplier, having the right support can make a significant difference when navigating the Holiday Season.

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