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Four strategies to re-energise your agency and place people faster

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    Four strategies to re-energise your agency and place people faster


    If you supply recruitment, you’re no stranger to the logistical issues this presents. Filling positions, which are frequently shift-based and low-wage, may be difficult, especially when people are few. However, the recruitment market has always been very competitive, and this trend shows no signs of subsiding.

    Standing out is critical to ensuring you are in the greatest position to attract the best possible prospects in the market, but how do you do it while building on previous successes?

    We’ve found four critical techniques for growing your agency:

    Empower your employees/staff

    Your talent – consultants, account managers, resourcers, and operations employees – is essential in leveraging how you move forward and keeping them busy while being efficient. We’ve outgrown the concept of ‘being busy’. Due to the time-sensitive nature of placing candidates, your agency must be well prepared to manage the incoming requirements. Many of your rivals will be keen to seize the chance if you do not.

    With placement speed critical, ensure you include your personnel in process design and technology management. Being a dictator does not empower your teams; instead, bringing them along, engaging them, and increasing their accountability means they’ll want to go above and beyond to help you build your recruitment business.

    Using recruitment technologies to assist you in the development of your agency

    Regarding technology, we’re confident you’ll have the hardware covered. The recruitment technology we’re referring to here includes your candidate-attracting recruitment website, your user-friendly CRM, automated screening of your prospects, the ability to pay promptly, and providing you with information to boost your productivity.

    So, here’s a question: are you one of the many organisations still relying on inefficient or compartmentalised methods to handle your temporary workforce? Unfortunately, there is no silver bullet for recruiting and maintaining applicants. Still, your technology, which is now the core of your profitable agency, will ensure that you position your retained prospects ahead of your competitors.

    Embedding the correct rectech can help you manage your workers more efficiently by having their availability and compliance status at your fingertips. Furthermore, it enables your consultants to spend their time more effectively and avoid wasting it on unnecessary paperwork.

    The days of monitoring applicant compliance and availability on a whiteboard are happily ending, which is great news for you and your agency in terms of reaching your full potential.

    Examine your methods to improve candidate placement effectiveness.

    Without question, the procedures you implement,  your employees and your technology will provide the groundwork for your success. This trio works in perfect harmony, so enlist the help of your talented employees in developing new procedures that will make you even more efficient. Consider your technology simultaneously, so your consultants can spend more time creating connections and less time sorting through your recruiting CRM or chasing prospects for timesheets.

    Slicker procedures improve your chances of growth by ensuring that every

    one in the company understands what they’re doing and how you can gain more business and attract more prospects. Additionally, reducing your reliance on job boards and CV databases.

    Monitor your KPIs and utilise data insights to choose where to direct your efforts.

    Do you know how to measure critical KPIs throughout your recruitment agency? Are you leveraging insights to generate progress? Can your consultants surface data to determine where they should focus their efforts?

    Using insights from answering the above questions to improve your consultants’ performance and productivity gives a view into the future – training needs, learning requirements, and identifying how you may get more work.

    Simplicity is here to help.

    With the support from Simplicity’s solutions which provides recruiters with financial and back-office support and FREE recruitment technology, recruiters can not only get started but prosper and grow. Find out how we can support you to get started today by speaking to one of our specialists at 01594 888518 or email