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Cash Simply Award Winning Payroll and Back Office

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    Cash Simply Award Winning Payroll and Back Office


    Recently, The Corporate Times were delighted to introduce the deserving recipient of their BA Award for ‘BA Award for Payroll Solutions’ as Gloucestershire based, Cash Simply.

    Cash Simply provide a range of innovative payroll and funding products exclusively for the recruitment industry. The Cash Simply core product is unique, it has a simple fee not linked to a bank rate, has no set-up costs and no hidden charges.

    The company provides 100% invoice funding for temp recruitment agencies and temps are paid on its tax schemes, it raises invoices in the agency’s names and invoices and pay slips will bear the agency’s logo. Cash Simply will provide the best and most efficient delivery of management reports, including regular updated “top ten” reports for both clients and temps.

    Composites, umbrellas and single person companies can be paid with or without VAT; holiday pay can be paid at the statutory rate or other rate and in any other way the agency wishes even differing between ‘rolled up’ or ‘accrued’ for temps in the same client the same week if required and all with detailed reporting and correct holiday pay, bank account and client details recorded on the pay slips that bear Cash Simply’s telephone number so that they can deal with CSA, P6 and other payroll issues.