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A simple credit solution for growing recruitment businesses

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    A simple credit solution for growing recruitment businesses


    Are you in danger of losing potential business because your clients’ credit limits aren’t high enough?

    Could you be signing more business if you had access to more credit?

    No one wants to find themselves in a position where they have to turn great opportunities away. That’s why Simplicity has been providing the recruitment industry with a unique credit solution called XtraCredit (formerly known as DoubleIt) for over ten years.

    If you are losing potential business because of restrictive concentration limits or credit limits aren’t high enough. Then XtraCredit may be of interest to you.

    STOP restricting the growth of your recruitment business today!

    XtraCredit can give you access to multiple insurers and funding, potentially doubling your clients credit limits. Meaning you can still protect the business you have and manage larger contracts as they come in. No need to switch to a different financier

    This flexible solution is available to Temporary, Contractor and Permanent recruitment businesses, and it doesn’t compromise other funding agreements. So, you can use it alongside your current financial provider.

    What’s more, you only pay for what you use, when you use it. There are no setup fees, no minimum monthly fees and no hidden charges.

    How does XtraCredit work?

    We get you started by setting-up an XtraCredit account for you to access as and when you need to.

    1. When you require additional credit, you add the client to our online GEMS system and request a credit limit.
    2. Our team carry out due diligence checks and confirm the credit limit we can provide (in addition to the limit you have in place with your current funder).
    3. Once approved, you can then start processing workers and invoices for that client via our online GEMS system.
    4. The processing team take care of all your payroll management, invoicing and credit control.
    5. And Finally, we pay your workers their wages and you, your margin – every Friday.
    What are the benefits of using XtraCredit?

    Having an XtraCredit account setup means that you have a back-up in place. Should you win more business that would effectively take you beyond your current trading limits. It’s all about flexibility and having the right finance solution in place that enables you to react and respond to increases in demand for your services. Providing you with the option of tapping into extra funding you need – safe in the knowledge it is insured, and debt protected.

    XtraCredit is a flexible credit solution that enables you to increase your business without restrictions. Putting you ahead of the competition and accelerating the growth of your recruitment business.

    A simple credit solution for growing recruitment businesses!

    Find out more about XtraCredit HERE 

    To speak to us about XtraCredit or simply set up an account, please contact us on 01594 888518 or email