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We understand that running a permanent recruitment consultancy brings with it many unique challenges and conflicting priorities.

Accessing recruitment factoring for perm placements is an industry-wide problem - it can be very difficult to find a financier that’s willing to provide recruitment finance and even more difficult to find one that actually understands how recruitment businesses work.

For permanent recruiters, immediate access to cash is a good thing - it enables you to invest in the growth of your business, but traditional invoice factoring companies are not as willing. Whilst you see fast payment as a major benefit, giving you the freedom to drive forward and make key decisions, they only see risk.

Simplicity partners don’t have to put off their growth plans and they have no concerns around unreliable debtors.

Our most successful permanent consultancies tell us that the key to their success is spending more time on business development and fee generating activities. They have time to win more clients and source the best talent, so they get to market faster and stay ahead of their competition.

We understand recruitment - having over 75 years combined experience, we’ve carefully tailored a unique offering to deliver great cash flow, reduced risk and more selling time. That’s why 100% recruitment funding comes as standard with Simplicity. We’re confident that it’s one of the highest levels in the industry and that’s completely intentional - our business is your success.

Take the step towards faster, smarter growth

100% Recruitment Finance and reduced risk

If you could gain access to your cash within two days of raising an invoice, how much of a difference would it make to your business?

We know that permanent consultancies are waiting between 30 and 45 + days to receive payment for their placements’ - imagine the new business you could generate in that time, if only you had immediate access to your cash and weren’t wasting time on chasing debt, raising invoices and worrying about cash flow management.

And if the worst does happen, your business is protected too. If a client goes bust, your risk is reduced through our debt protection, which comes as standard - on top of any bad debt provision you may already have in place. Additionally, we provide a free online management system, giving you total access to all the key performance statistics about your recruitment business, wherever you are, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Stand out from the crowd and increase your fees

Permanent recruitment is a competitive marketplace and our partners tell us that they’re always looking for ways they can stand out from the crowd. Our answer is simple - our unique 12 month rebate scheme gives you access to a number of tools which will accelerate the growth of your recruitment business.

We help you to win more clients by providing you with the ability to offer a unique 12 Month Rebate Scheme. Our partners tell us this gets them on to previously difficult to secure Preferred Supplier Lists (PSL) and allows them to increase their profits by charging higher fees - call us today to find out how you can do the same.

We’ve spent the past 15 years making permanent recruitment consultancies more successful. If you’d like to gain immediate access to funds and spend more time growing your business, call us to find out how our recruitment finance solution can work for you.

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We wanted to free up cash flow to invest in our growth and we needed something to differentiate ourselves from the competition. Simplicity ticked all of the boxes.

By Derek Ludlow, CEO, McBarron Wood International

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100% Perm Finance

Access 100% recruitment finance within 2 days of raising an invoice. Your cash, in your hands and working for you.

Rapid Growth

Spend your time winning new business, servicing existing clients and finding great talent - as your competition drowns in admin.

Increase Fees

We can show you how to increase your fees on placements by using our added-value 12 month rebate scheme.