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    Based in Gloucestershire, GB Solutions is the ‘go-to’ employment agency for office professionals who are looking to develop their careers within the Finance, Sales, Marketing, IT and Administration sectors. After 15 years in the business, and an impressive client base that spans the South-West, GB Solutions opted to switch the finance solution for its advancing business to Simplicity.

    What We Did

    Until recently, GB Solutions had spent over 10 years using the services of a large corporation as a solution to funding their temporary staffing payroll. In the early days, the solution was fit for purpose, but as the business evolved, GB Solutions realised that a provider without a specialism in recruitment, who were unable to appreciate and support their specific needs, was not the right path for the future.

    Mike Goode, Director at GB Solutions says, ‘After a number of years with our previous provider we felt they were unable to personally identify with our specific business needs’.

    As a business, GB Solutions stand by their company values: People, Passion and Integrity, and enjoy working with like-minded businesses.

    ‘We could see it was time for a change if we were going to realise our full potential as a business’, says Mr Goode. ‘It was clear to us we needed a different kind of partnership and cost was by no means our main consideration. Rather, we needed a partner that could grow with us, with the technological solutions and vision to allow us to expand at our own rate’.

    When Mike Goode met with Simplicity they knew immediately this was the solution they needed. ‘It felt right,’ Mr Goode says. ‘They treated us like real people from day one’.

    Simplicity demonstrated a true understanding of recruitment and always treat us like a business partner. It’s invigorating to know someone has a pioneering vision for SME recruiters like me and a determination to see us succeed.

    By Mike Goode, GB Solutions.

    The decision to switch to Simplicity was not a hard one and the process of transition to the Simplicity system was even easier. ‘Simplicity ensured our business had full continuity when we made the switch and made the process completely painless. We were truly surprised at how easy it was to make a change’, says Mr Goode.

    The Results

    The GB Solutions Directors have never looked back. ‘Not only have Simplicity given us a solution that more than meets our current requirements, they’ve opened our eyes to what the future for our business could be,’ says Mr Goode.

    We already knew we wanted to use Simplicity, however our decision was confirmed by the additional value they will add to our business in the future.

    By Mike Goode, GB Solutions

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