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Need more credit on clients?

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    Need more credit on clients?

    Losing clients to concentration or credit limit restrictions can be costly for growing recruitment businesses.

    That’s why Simplicity has been providing the recruitment industry with a unique credit solution called XtraCredit (formerly known as DoubleIt) for over 10 years.

    XtraCredit is a flexible funding solution that allows recruitment businesses to tap into additional credit on clients as and when they need it, without compromising some finance agreements that they may have in place with another funder. Resolving both concentration and credit limit issues.

    Extra Credit on clients - when you need it.
    No setup fee & No hidden charges.
    Due diligence & debt Protection as standard.
    Temp, Contractor or Perm Solution.

    XtraCredit allows you to fulfil your clients’ requirements while protecting your business.

    No need to switch to a different financier or potentially lose clients.


    download a copy of our XtraCredit brochure

    Our XtraCredit brochure will give you an insight into how Simplicity can provide you with access to additional credit on clients.

    Plus, gain FREE access to our resources hub where you can get the latest industry news, insights and tips on how to achieve faster, smarter, growth.

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    How does XtraCredit work?

    XtraCredit Account

    We get you started by setting-up an XtraCredit account for you to access as and when you need to.

    Credit Limit Confirmation

    Our team do due diligence checks and confirm the credit limit we can provide funding on for your client.

    Full Back-Office Support

    The processing team take care of all your payroll management, invoicing and credit control.

    Client Setup

    When you need additional credit, simply add the client to our online GEMS system and request a credit limit.


    You can then start processing workers and invoices for that client via our online GEMS system.

    100% Recruitment Finance

    Finally, we pay your workers their wages and you, your margin - every Friday.

    XtraCredit is a flexible credit solution that enables you to increase your business without the restrictions of your current funder. Putting you ahead of the competition and accelerating the growth of your recruitment business.

    A simple credit solution for growing recruitment businesses!

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