Perm Start-Up

Starting your new Permanent Recruitment Consultancy

Find out how we can help you start your very own Perm Agency

Are you one of the thousands of recruiters who dream of starting their own recruitment business every year, but don’t do it?

Make your dreams reality and become one of the recruitment start-ups that partners with Simplicity and achieves success.

Our most successful permanent consultancies tell us that the key to their success is spending more time on business development and fee generating activities. They have time to win more clients and source the best talent, so they can get to market quicker and beat the competition.

We know why our partners make more placements than their competitors; it’s because their competition wastes time on chasing debt, raising invoices and worrying about cash flow management. Becoming a Simplicity Partner means you’ll have the time and opportunity to prospect new clients and focus on growing your business.

Another reason our partners love our specialist permanent placement finance solution, is because they get 100% of their fee in their bank account two days after an invoice has been sent - instead of waiting between 30 to 45 + days to get paid.

So if you're thinking of setting up a recruitment consultancy today, but you're worried about how you would live and fund your business during those first few critical months, you can put your mind at ease. Once an account is set-up and your candidate starts work, we’ll provide invoices on Wednesday and you’ll get paid your fee on Friday - Simple.

Our unique permanent placement funding solution gives you the tools to grow your start-up recruitment consultancy, without limitations - it’s like no other solution on the market.

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With Simplicity you can make more money out of each placement you make

We know you’ll want to make more money at every opportunity, win new clients and differentiate yourself from your competition. Partnering with Simplicity gives you access to a number of tools which will accelerate the growth of your recruitment business.

We help you to win more clients by providing you with the ability to offer a unique 12 Month Rebate Scheme. Our partners tell us this gets them on to previously difficult to secure Preferred Supplier Lists (PSL) and allows them to increase their profits by charging higher fees - call us today to find out how you can do the same.

This means that you can start a permanent recruitment consultancy today - with no cash and no risk - and have cash in your bank account at the end of the week, allowing you to live and invest in making your business more successful.

Whether your client wants one or more vacancies to start immediately, if you have the talent to fit the role, we have the systems and the money to make it happen. Become one of our Partners today.

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Why choose us?

100% Perm Finance

Get 100% recruitment finance within 2 days of raising an invoice. Your cash, in your hands and working for you.

More new clients

Spend your time winning new business, servicing existing clients and finding great talent; as your competition drowns in admin.

Increase Fees

We help you to increase your fees on placements by using our added-value 12 month rebate scheme.