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Growing your business is about developing new and existing client revenues, whilst building the infrastructure to cope with the challenges this brings. By not having the right foundations, systems and support in place, your growth plans may not be fulfilled and in the worst-case scenario, could result in you being worse off.

Ambitious recruitment agency owners aspiring to become more successful, find it hard not to become involved in the day to day administration of their business when in reality, they’d prefer to be spending time on business generation and winning deals.

What at first may seem like a simple and straight forward task of invoicing clients, chasing in payments, managing cash flow and not forgetting your HMRC liabilities, can actually take over your life.

Every business needs money to operate successfully. Chasing-in late payments from clients, processing weekly payroll, juggling cash flow and keeping on top of your HMRC liabilities are priorities - but they don’t generate new business or growth, they cost you time.

Time to focus on growing your business

You’ll be pleased to know that we have created a specialist solution which removes the non-profit generating activity and provides you with 100% recruitment funding. That's why so many recruiters use Simplicity - we provide them with the time they need to focus on business development and beating their competition.

You’ll read in one of our testimonials that we have dramatically improved the business performance of Girling Jones Limited - so much so, their Office Manager’s workload has decreased to the point where she can now take a day off during the week!

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100% funding for your Temp/ Contractor recruitment agency

As a successful and hardworking recruitment professional, you’ll be winning new contracts and sourcing the ideal staff for the roles. We understand though, that your main concern is ensuring that you have the funds available to pay your workers, staff and overheads. The more successful you become, the more cash you’ll need and the greater the problem.

Failing to pay workers on time is a cardinal sin and could spell the beginning of the end for even the most successful Temporary/ Contractor recruitment agency. We truly understand this and have developed our people, processes and systems to ensure that payments are made on time, every time. We have an industry-leading reputation and during our 15 years in business we’ve paid millions of payslips, without fail.

Missing pay day is unthinkable, but as your business grows so does the risk of this happening as your agency requires more and more cash. Using Simplicity’s recruitment finance solution means your temps are paid every week -guaranteed - and you’ll receive 100% of your margin on the same day. How much is it worth to your growing recruitment agency to know that your workers will always be paid?

Recruitment finance for growth

Our 100% recruitment finance solution doesn’t just stop at paying your workers.

We know how ambitious and keen you are to win the next contract and continue to grow your already successful business. That’s why we have designed our recruitment funding to be flexible and work for you, as and when you need it most.

If you’ve just won a new client who needs 1, 10 or 100+ new workers to start next week, so long as you have the workers, we have the systems and the money to make it happen. As a Simplicity Partner, you’ll have access to £millions of finance instantly (as long as your clients are credit worthy) and be able to supply staff to any size contract, making the challenge of growing your recruitment business a little easier.

We’ve been helping successful recruitment agency owners to grow their business for over 15 years now. Call us today, to see how our recruitment solutions can help you to achieve your business goals.

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“Using Simplicity has brought the costs of payroll right down. Our office manager now works a four day week and I have the time to go out and get more clients.”

By Simon Girling, Managing Director, Girling Jones Ltd.

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