Professional Social Care Solutions

From early-start up stage, Leah at Professional Social Care Solutions knew that cash flow would pose the biggest problem for her permanent start-up recruitment consultancy.

She was worried that slow-paying clients could cause issues and she didn’t want to have to spend time chasing debt when she knew that to get the business off the ground, she would have to be out meeting her clients, interviewing candidates and winning new business.

Having worked with Simplicity in a previous role, she knew that we could take care of her back office and offer 100% recruitment finance to free up her cash flow - leaving her completely free to develop her new company.

What we did

PSCS 1 BorderSix years ago, we met with Leah and she explained that she was specialising in a very niche area of the social care market, dealing with permanent placements only. 

We recognised that in a start-up recruitment agency, it is vital that each person involved is focused on income generating tasks. Spending time raising invoices and chasing in payments from unreliable debtors does not make for a productive recruitment team and so we ensured that Leah had the tools she needed to make her new business a success.

We provided 100% recruitment finance, eliminating the need to chase in or wait for payments to arrive. We manage the cash flow and ensure that Professional Social Care Solutions receives fees within two days of raising an invoice; there’s no need to wait 30 to 45+ days to get paid.

We chase in the debt and in the unfortunate event of non-payment or a client going bust, will even take care of legal matters, removing the worry for Leah and her team. For a small business like Leah’s this can mean the difference between success and failure.

Worried about cash flow? We can take that worry away!

“Simplicity provides a real lifeline for my business. Without them, I wouldn’t be as confident about the future.”

By - Leah Winning, Professional Social Care Solutions

The Results

Peace of mind - A small business with the backing of a large organisation

By Professional Social Care Solutions

In a small team, time is a precious commodity and with the help of Simplicity, Professional Social Care Solutions has been able to better utilise the time of each team member. “It’s great to know we’ve got the backing of a large organisation. As a small business, it’s really important to us.” No hours are wasted on back office and no days are wasted waiting for clients to pay their invoices. “I can move my business forward - we’re all out building relationships or making placements.” Both the team - and the cash - are flowing freely.