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    McBarron Wood International

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    For McBarron Wood International, time saving and cash flow management were strategically important. Without both, they could not confidently invest in the growth of the business.

    At the time, they couldn’t guarantee when they would receive payment for placements which meant that chasing invoices took priority over developing the business. They wanted a solution to this problem but one which would differentiate them from the competition. On top of that, they wanted the luxury of being able to make informed decisions about future plans.

    They needed a strong partnership – one which would support them to reach the next level of success and enable them to grow their business.

    What We Did

    Having spoken to the Director, Derek Ludlow, it was clear that the first step was to provide 100% finance on their permanent placements, immediately reducing their wait for payment from 30 – 45+ days to just two. We then implemented our back office and payroll management system; designed to save the business time and money, it met all of Derek’s requirements. And to differentiate the business from the competition, our 12 month rebate scheme provided them with an enviable USP – granting them a definite advantage over their competitors and allowing them access to otherwise difficult to secure preferred supplier lists.

    For Derek, the Simplicity solution gives him the time and all important ‘head-space’ to think about growing his business. Instead of raising invoices, chasing debt or managing a financial department, he now has the opportunity to visit clients and win new business, safe in the knowledge that Simplicity is taking care of the back office. Relationships with current clients have improved enormously. “There’s no longer a need for me to chase clients about payment and if there are any queries, I direct them straight to Simplicity. It’s out of my hands.”

    We wouldn’t be where we are now without Simplicity - it would have taken far longer. It’s an excellent partnership.

    Derek Ludlow, Managing Director, McBarron Wood International

    The Results

    For McBarron Wood, the ambition was to build a successful recruitment consultancy in a niche market – the right way. Taking away the headache of cash flow management and back office worries, Simplicity has allowed the team to focus on aspects of the business which will allow it to grow quickly, without compromising on integrity. “We wouldn’t be where we are now without Simplicity – it would have taken far, far longer. It’s an excellent partnership.”

    Better time management, cash flow and the ability to make informed decisions.

    McBarron Wood International