Girling Jones Ltd

For two years Girling Jones had been paying exorbitant amounts of money for a sub-standard recruitment finance and back office service.

They were unhappy with their high-spending only to recieve little return; customer service was poor and the terms of business were highly restrictive. They’d found themselves wasting precious sales time trying to explain to clients why they were working on terms of business that were in their financier’s name, not their own. As well as this, all of the hard work they were putting in wasn’t being reflected in their official turnover figures and their brand was losing value. They needed an alternative quickly…

What we did

Girling Jones LogoThe team at Girling Jones was in need of a fresh approach from people who fully understood the needs of the business. Whilst some suppliers promised to take care of their financial needs, when we spoke to Director Simon Girling, he realised that not only do we understand the industry and have the solutions, but we also have his best interests at heart.

We showed him our comprehensive online management and reporting system, designed specifically for the recruitment industry and explained how we could provide 100% finance for his temporary and permanent recruitment, whilst handling all of the company’s invoicing and financial administration. He was impressed from the outset - not just by the services we provide, but the way in which we offer them. “I loved the ethos of Simplicity - they’re constantly developing and innovating, always looking at ways to improve based on the way the industry evolves.”

For Simon, having Simplicity on board has made a big difference. The business is more efficient, which means there is more time available to take on new clients. Not only that, but the costs of payroll have been brought right down and cash flow has been vastly improved. “Our Office Manager has reduced her hours from five days to four - lowering my fixed costs”. Simon is so confident in the solution Simplicity has implemented that growth plans are well underway. He plans to double temp numbers next year and hire 10 new staff, with every confidence that we have provided a system robust enough to handle the next phase.

Find out how we can help you acheive your growth aspirations

“I’ve been nothing but impressed by Simplicity - I’m looking forward to the future and seeing how our partnered approach will develop. I wish I’d used them from the outset.”

By Simon Girling, Girling Jones Ltd

The Results

Cost savings and ambitious - but now realistic - growth plans

By Girling Jones Ltd

Girling Jones wanted to work with a strategic partner that wasn’t just out to make a “quick buck”. They appreciated the innovative, forward thinking team behind Simplicity’s services, they realised that we have a genuine understanding of the industry and importantly, the needs of their business. They haven’t looked back.