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    Enjoy Recruitment Group was founded in 2002 by David and Claire Townsend. Since then they have grown into one of Gloucestershire’s most well-known and respected recruitment consultancies, providing the very best permanent, contract and temporary solutions.

    The company directors share a very definitive philosophy, as Mr Townsend explains:

    “We’re genuinely proud of the way in which we conduct ourselves. We’re regularly told we set ourselves apart by sticking to our principles, not taking short-cuts, not playing games and just getting on with it. We put genuine consultancy back into the recruitment process, thrive on open and honest communication and achieve great results through sheer hard work and dogged determination.”

    Enjoy invest a huge amount of time in innovative recruitment methodologies, close candidate relationships and career support, and a truly consultative approach to their clients. All things that, they are regularly told, set them apart from their competition. But to do all of these things consistently well takes time.

    “We wouldn’t be able to deliver our business vision and stick to our principles quite so doggedly if it weren’t for our partnership with Simplicity.”

    By Claire Townsend, Enjoy Recruitment Group

    Mrs Townsend says, ‘David and I have worked in recruitment for many years and we both realise it does not make good business sense to do everything yourself. That’s why we choose to partner with professional businesses like Simplicity, who understand and advocate our client and candidate focus.’

    At Simplicity we pride ourselves on being our Partners’ number one supporter. Our ultimate goal is to support their growth and success by making the business of recruitment more manageable for them.

    Like with all recruitment businesses, Enjoy Recruitment is underpinned by a busy and demanding back office process: credit checking new clients, verifying terms of business, managing worker compliance, collecting timesheets, processing payroll and dealing with worker queries. As well as invoicing, chasing payments, dealing with HMRC queries, and reporting and collating management data to inform business decisions. It’s a long list of things that have to happen to make a recruitment business succeed.

    Simplicity give us a feeling of total security. By managing all of our back office functions in a seamless, transparent and collaborative way, we feel in control of our business operations but we’re not swamped by day-to-day demands.

    By David Townsend, Enjoy Recruitment Group

    Mr Townsend says, ‘We have complete confidence in our cash flow and can breathe easy knowing we always meet all of our compliance and legislative obligations.’

    Mrs Townsend adds, ‘We have done the due diligence on a number of occasions and it always comes back to the same conclusion. The fixed overheads, lack of scalability, exposure to human error and drain on our own time and resources rules out managing our back office functions in-house. It just makes no business sense for us to do that.’

    Mr Townsend concludes, ‘We have been working in partnership with Simplicity for over 3 years now. We see absolutely no reason to change that now or at any point in the future. We only see the relationship getting stronger with time.’ When asked if he would recommend Simplicity to anyone else, Mr Townsend simply replies, ‘Without hesitation.’