Built Recruitment Ltd

From delivering some of London’s best-known projects in the commercial design and build industry as a construction manager, Australian born Seth Moloney had a vision to provide a ‘one stop shop’ for this specialised sector and Built Recruitment was formed in 2012.

The Challenge

Covering both the temporary and permanent market, Built Recruitment has grown to become one of the key players in their industry. However, this also presented the business with the challenge of having the funds in place to support and maintain this growth. Seth and his team recognised that while it could grow organically, their ambitions would be realised sooner if they were able to remove the barriers that were slowing the pace at which this would happen.

There were two key factors that needed to be addressed – the lack of guaranteed cash flow to pay their workers on time every week and the amount of time being lost to performing a credit control and payroll function.

The Solution

Having an effective recruitment finance solution in place can have an immediate impact on the number and size of contracts that can be taken on at any one time.

“Like most business owners, the one thing that keeps me awake at night is making sure I have enough money to pay my workers at the end of every week, especially specialising within the construction industry where debtors’ days aren’t always the best and you can be waiting months for payment.”

This is where Simplicity came into play. The recruitment payroll solution ensured that Built’s people would be paid on time every week and the business could react and respond to the growth in demand for their services with the peace of mind they could cover the costs of hiring more staff.

I never need to worry about cash flow and paying my workers every week, Simplicity take care of that for me.

By Seth Moloney, MD Built Recruitment

With Simplicity’s recruitment finance solution, credit control and debt protection come as standard. This means that Seth and his team can spend their valuable time driving the business forward safe in the knowledge that they’re covered and have the additional protection, in case one of their clients didn’t pay their invoices.

The credit insurance keeps me at ease, just in case.

By Seth Moloney, MD Built Recruitment

And what has happened to Built Recruitment’s growth since partnering with Simplicity?

“The flexibility and scalability of Simplicity’s solutions has allowed me to step away from working in the business to working on growing the business. Our turnover has since doubled, and we are running the business more efficiently, cost effectively and more profitably.”

A truly trusted supplier with brilliant solutions specifically designed for recruiters.

By Seth Moloney, MD Built Recruitment

“Wonderful team that are always there to help and their processes really do work.”