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Recruitment’s first 100% Perm recruitment finance and Rebate scheme extended across UK

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    Recruitment’s first 100% Perm recruitment finance and Rebate scheme extended across UK


    Simplicity has announced the success of the only 100% invoice finance and fully funded 12 month rebate option for permanent recruitment businesses. The 100% Perm Finance solution provides 100% of finance upfront as standard on permanent placements. In doing so, recruiters have immediate access to the full value of each invoice raised, taking away problems associated with cash flow management.

    David Thornhill, managing director of Simplicity said: “Our 100 per cent Perm Finance solution with 12 month rebate scheme is the only one of its kind for the UK recruitment industry. The great part about the solution is Simplicity pays the rebate, not the agency.

    “We know the major issue stopping agencies from reaching their true potential is cash flow, in one simple solution we provide agencies with the ability to attract new clients with the 12 month rebate and the cash to help them grow. The 12 month rebate is unique in providing a platform to increase fees and therefore improve their profits.

    “We are committed to helping recruitment business owners achieve the success they seek and we believe that our 100 per cent Perm Finance scheme will help our customers achieve faster, smarter growth by providing them with the critical tools and financial control needed to run a long term, successful and profitable business,” Thornhill added.

    The recruitment sector is currently booming with over 4,000 new agencies opening their doors in the last 12 months alone. This has resulted in greater competition within the permanent recruitment space and an even greater need for recruiters to stand out from the crowd. This is where Simplicity can make a difference.

    For more information on our unique perm finance and rebate scheme please call 01594 888518 or email