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    Let’s talk Moolah!

    Market Leading Recruitment Financier Simplicity welcomes the launch of their new independent contractor solution – Moolah.

    The contractor industry has seen its fair share of legislation changes over the years. But, with IR35 in full swing, Simplicity decided that it was the perfect opportunity to create a fresh face in the sector.

    You’re in safe hands

    Moolah was forged from a team with years of experience and knowledge in the recruitment and contractor market. They offer recruiters, contractors and clients peace of mind through compliant and hassle-free contracting solutions whilst still providing them with several benefits to suit their requirements.

    Previously known as Simplicity Contracting Services, the Moolah team have created three simple payment solutions for temporary contractors;

    • Moolah Umbrella PAYE

    • Moolah PEO

    • Moolah CIS

    Moolah brings a trusted range of simplified solutions to the contractor sector. Managing Director David Thornhill quoted,

    “The contractor market has changed so much over the years, and there are so many risks involved when paying contractors these days. Legislation has brought uncertainty and confusion to the recruitment market, but compliance creates structure and contractor services are changing for the better. We see Moolah independently leading the way as a fresh start to a new way of paying contractors compliantly for the future.”

    Heading up the Business Development for Moolah is Natasha Gething. Some of you may recognise Natasha from her BDE days at Simplicity. With over ten years of experience in the recruitment industry, from Recruiting through to Business Development and Account Management, Natasha has extensive experience in the sector. After relocating to York and extending her family, she is looking forward to returning to the team, building relationships with customers, and understanding the needs and plans of recruiters’ and contractors’ again.

    Fully Integrated Recruitment Solution

    What’s more, Moolah is fully integrated with Simplicity’s Finance services, providing recruiters with additional access to;

    • 100% Finance on Contractors

    • Full Back-Office Support

    • FREE Recruitment Workflow Technology – GEMS

    Plus many more benefits.

    Consolidate your suppliers and streamline your recruitment business with the complete contractor solutions by Simplicity & Moolah.

    To find out more about the range of Moolah Contractor Solutions, please feel free to contact Natasha Gething on 01594 888519 or email

    Connect with Natasha on LinkedIn HERE

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