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Driving agency growth through 100% finance and 12-month rebate scheme

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    Driving agency growth through 100% finance and 12-month rebate scheme


    Take two recruitment business owners, both of which start their agencies at the same time and are equally strong at business development. Fast-forward 12 months and one of these agencies is continuing to grow its client portfolio and consultant head count, while the other is playing catch up – frustrated at their slower pace of growth. What is making the difference?

    Money, or to be precise the lack of access to the money they are due.

    Successfully placing a number of candidates is all very well, but if your clients are taking 60 to 70 (or more) days to pay your invoices, you can’t grow your business at the rate you want until those funds have cleared your account. That’s why it is not only important to regain control over your finances it is critical to your agency’s long-term success.

    That’s where we come in.

    Simplicity offer 100% recruitment finance for permanent recruitment businesses. Its sole purpose is to help recruitment business owners bridge the financial gap between the moment you send your invoice and the time your client pays the money into your account.

    Our 100% Perm Finance solution provides 100% of finance upfront as standard on all permanent placements. So rather than having to wait upwards of between 30 and 45+ days for an invoice to be paid, you can have immediate access to 100% of your net fee within days of your placement starting.

    In doing so, any worries over cash flow or your ability to cover your essential outgoings, such as staff wages and day-to-day bills, are eradicated. Instead, you can focus less time on chasing payments and more time on chasing new business and other fee-generating activities.

    We also offer a  12-month rebate scheme. The solution is simple: If a candidate should leave your client’s employment within the first 12 months, we pay the rebate for you. This, combined with gaining full access to our suite of tools, gives you the platform you need to increase your fees whilst improving your profit margins at the same time.

    All of which means that your cash flow is secured, your profit margins are increased and you can grow your recruitment business faster and smarter than many of your competitors who – if they’re not a partner of ours under the 100% Perm Finance scheme – will have a growth rate that is invariably slower than yours.